Agrasen Ki Baoli


Extremely busy life, day-to-day carriages, crowds of people like insects, poisonous air and dusty environment with day-to-day turbulence and quiet in the middle of the bustling Delhi, encompassing all the secrets And Agrasen ki Baoli stands in a cool environment. Situated on the Heli Road of Connaught Place, Delhi’s most beautiful place, this baoli is basically a well 60 meters long and 15 meters high which has been preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India.

From the top it looks beautiful due to the walls made of crazy red sandstone, but as you go down the stairs, a strange deep silence spreads and the sky disappears.There is no longer water in this baoli, but it is said that some souls have made their abode here. When you reach the bottom, you will hear the sound of your footsteps along with darkness. Most of the people coming here include the students of colleges in Delhi and the local people who come during the summer days, who often find comfort here as it provides relief from the hot summer of Baoli city.

For the past several years, ‘Agrasen ki Baoli’ has been known by many other names besides this name. According to a map of the National Archives of India – in 1868, this monument was built by the British government – this monument is listed as ‘Ojar Sen’s Bowli’.

Agrasen Ki Baoli
Image Source – Google|Image by –Binita Lama
Basic Information About Agrasen Ki Baoli
LocationHailey Marg, Near Diwanchand Imaging Centre, New Delhi
Nearest Metro StationRajiv Chowk Metro Station
OpenAll Days
Timing9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Entry FeesFree

Lesser known facts about Agrasen ki Baoli

  • It was built during the Maharashtra Era by Maharaja Agrasen.
  • The primary element used to build this well was red sandstone.
  • The place was constructed to serve as a reservoir of water in the earlier times.
  • The Agrasen Ki Baoli is often claimed to be the house of evil spirits. Local say that the Place is haunted because many people have tried to commit suicide here. The depressed souls gave up their lives by jumping into the well.
  • The term ‘Baoli’ refers to a well that is used to store water and could be reached by climbing down a series of steps.
  • There is a dilapidated mosque in the western end of this structure.
  • A recent film in Bollywood (PK) starring Aamir Khan was shot in this monument.
Agrasen Ki Baoli
Image Source – Google|Image by –Terrazzo

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Best time to Visit In Agrasen Ki Baoli

The best time to visit Agrasen’s Baoli is from 9 am to 5:30 pm. The opening time of Agrasen’s Baoli is 9 am and it is advisable to visit it in the morning to avoid congestion. The closing time of Baoli is 5:30 pm. It is open all days of the week during 365 days

How To Reach In Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen’s Baoli is easy to reach as it is easily accessible by metro. The nearest metro station to the memorial is Barakhamba Road or Rajiv Chowk Metro Station.