Connaught Place


People who come to Delhi to visit Red Fort, Qutub Minar or Parliament House with as much eagerness, they come to CP or Connaught Place with equal enthusiasm. A person who has never visited Connaught Place before, he has heard so much about this place that he cannot live without going to CP when he comes to Delhi.

Connaught Place is a historical structure that is like a paradise for those who like shopping, while the foodie lovers come here and feel happy and satisfied. Connaught Place is the fifth most expensive market in the world and is at number four in the list of most expensive office destinations. We are telling you about those things and places that make Connaught Place a Connaught Place.

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Central Park

This tricolor, located in the Central Park in the heart of Connaught Place, Delhi is the tallest (207 ft) flag in the country and can be seen from many kilometers away, which fills the patriotic spirit of the CP attendees. If you are tired of shopping or want to take a short lunch break or want to sit and chat with friends for a few moment.

Central Park is a great option for all of them. Along with greenery, there is an amphitheater where you will also be seen doing many cultural programs.

Central Park
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Basic Information About Connaught Place
LocationNear Shivaji Bridge, New Delhi
Nearest Metro StationRajiv Chowk Metro Station
Timing11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
OpenMon - Sat
Closed On Sunday
Entry FeesFree


Janpath, located just behind the LIC Building near the Inner Circle of Connaught Place, is known as the Best Heritage Shopping Destination. It is also a great place for those shopping on a low budget in Delhi. The things found here reflect art and craft in Indian culture. If you know bargaining, then you can buy very good and good things from here for less money.

Palika Bazar

When it comes to Connaught Place, the name of Palika Bazaar also comes. It is settled underground. However, it is the exact opposite of Connaught Place because the shops here are local and the items sold are not expensive! If you are looking for some local goods and inexpensive items then this can prove to be a good market for you.

Interesting Facts About Connaught Place, Delhi

  • This market is a major shopping center in Delhi even 65 years after its establishment.
  • There are also book shops here where you will find very good books giving information about India.
  • Showrooms of all the big companies are located here.
  • Every type of shopping can be done in this market, built in 1931, upon the arrival of George V’s brother Duke of Connaught.
  • In the center of Connaught Place, a central garden surrounded by gulmohar trees decorated with colorful lights has also arrived.
  • Like the colonies, all buildings are built here.
  • In front of each building is a beautiful veranda, which is in front of the park located in the middle. Eight roads are at an equal distance from here.
Connaught Place at Night
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Best time to Visit In Connaught Place, Delhi

If you visit during the festival season, you can find many souvenirs and interesting traditional items. It would be best to travel here in the evening. The winter season will be good enough to visit here.

How to Reach In Connaught Place, Delhi

After the arrival of the metro in Delhi, there is no better way than the metro. Najiki metro station is Rajiv Chowk metro station. It has a total of 7 exit gates. One can also take autos from different parts of Delhi to reach this amazing place.