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Delhi is a chaotic city. It is very big, it is very busy, it is very polluted. Delhi is a popular region of India for tourists. If you are visiting India, then most likely your flight will land in Delhi. It is a huge city and can confuse anyone who is not familiar with it. It has an interesting history.

I did not talk about the history of Delhi or the popular points of this post. I have a detailed travel guide to Delhi where you can get information about this amazing city. Instead, this post contains some super important travel tips for Delhi and you should read before traveling to the city. What you need to keep in mind while going to Delhi:

Travel Tips
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Here Are Some Travel Tips:-

Best Time to Visit

Visit Delhi in the months of February, March, October or November. Delhi has unbearable heat and foggy winters, so please avoid those seasons.

Stay in a Good Area of Delhi

Central Delhi is a good area for tourists to live in as it is well located for Delhi monuments like India Gate and Jantar Mantar, but it is close to Connaught Place which is very much the center of Delhi. It also has high-end shops and restaurants.

Nightlife in Delhi

The nightlife in Delhi is famous for its parties and noise. When nightlife or night out comes out of someone’s mouth, the immediate trigger of our imagination is a pull of drinks, dances, and DJ shots. Most discos are closed 12–1. Do not dance all night.

Festivals in Delhi

Holi (February or March) and Diwali (October or November) are the most popular Indian festivals and you will surely enjoy celebrating them in Delhi.

Food in Delhi

Delhi has the BEST food. You can find some of the best Mughalai curries, chaat (vegetarian street food), international restaurants and cuisines from all over India.

Delhi Metro is the Best Way to Get Around

The best way to get around is Delhi Metro which connects most parts of Delhi really well. It has a separate dedicated coach for female passengers, which is usually the first coach. For traveling at night, I recommend you avail an app-based taxi service by Ola cabs.

Wear Traditional Dress

Delhi is quite traditional in terms of dress. Keep your knees and shoulders covered while visiting most of the sights.


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