Humayun’s Tomb


There are many such mausoleums inside the capital of India, one of which is Humayun’s Tomb. Humayun’s Tomb is located in the eastern Nizamuddin area of ​​Delhi and It was the first tomb of the Indian subcontinent. Humayun’s Tomb is a major historical and tourist destination of Delhi, which is attracts a large number of history lovers. Humayun’s tomb displays the wife’s love for her dead husband. This garden mausoleum was constructed in the mid-16th century in memory of Mughal emperor Humayun by his first wife Haji Begum.

Red sandstone was used on Humayun’s tomb. Humayun’s Tomb was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in the year 1993 due to its magnificent design and splendid history. The architecture of Humayun’s Tomb is so attractive that no one can live without seeing it in Delhi. This magnificent mausoleum is situated in the midst of a large Mughal garden and its beauty increases considerably during the winter season.

humayun's tomb in delhi
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Basic Information About Humanyun's Tomb
LocationMathura Road Opposite,Hazrat Nizamuddin
Aulia Dargah, New Delhi
Nearest Metro StationJor Bagh Metro Station
OpenAll Days
TimingSunrise to Sunset
EntryRs.35 (Indians); Rs.550 (Foreigners)

Interesting Facts About Humayun’s Tomb

  • There are more than 100 graves within the entire complex. Several of them are on the first level terrace, known as “Dormitory of the Mughals”.
  • Humayun’s Tomb was designed by a Persian architect, Mirak Mirza Ghiyath.
  • It was notably the first garden-tomb on the Indian subcontinent with beautiful causeways and channels.
  • It was the first Indian building known as a classic specimen of the double-domed elevation with kiosks on a huge scale.
  • The tomb’s concept of eight side chambers symbolizes the Islamic concept of paradise.
  • Contrary to Taj Mahal, which a husband built in the memory of his wife, Humayun Tomb was built by a wife, Hamida Banu Begam, for her husband.
  • UNESCO declared the tomb a World Heritage Site in 1993.
Humayun's Tomb in Delhi
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Best Time to Visit Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi

Humayun’s Tomb is a famous historical and tourist destination located in Delhi. October to March is the best time to visit Delhi. The heat in Delhi is very high, the temperature goes up to 42 degrees, so it is not advisable to come here at this time. There is a slight drop in temperature during the monsoon, but rain can hamper your sightseeing plan. Hence winter / spring season is the best month to visit Delhi.

How To Reach In Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi

You can walk to Humayun’s Tomb or use an auto to reach. The nearest metro station to Humayun’s Tomb: The closest metro station to the monument is the Jor Bagh metro station on the yellow line. From here you can take a taxi or auto.


Online Ticket Booking

If you have made a plan, then you can book online ticket of Humayun’s Tomb through ASI Monuments.