Janmashtami in Delhi


On the day of Janmashtami (Delhi 2020), Lord Krishna is worshiped by law. Every year Janmashtami festival is celebrated on Ashtami Tithi of Bhadrapada month. But there are two opinions on the date of Janmashtami this year. Janmashtami is mentioned in the Panchangas on 11 and 12 August. According to astrologers, it is best to observe Janmashtami on August 12. The birth anniversary will be celebrated on 12 August 2020 in Delhi, Mathura, and Dwarka. While Janmashtami will be celebrated on August 11 in Jagannath Puri, Kashi and Ujjain.

Though which date is best for Krishna Janmashtami, it depends on the birth date and constellation of Shri Krishna. Let us know on which date Krishna Janmashtami should be celebrated this year?

Celebrate Krishna Janmashtami on August 12

According to the Hindu calendar, Bhadrapada Krishna Ashtami Tithi starts from 09.06 am on August 11, which will be at 11:30 am on August 12. On the other hand, Rohini Nakshatra is starting from 03:27 am on August 13 and will end at 05: 22 in the morning. In such a situation, it would be appropriate to celebrate Janmashtami on August 12.

Iskcon Temple

The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated with great pomp in this temple. According to the information, every year around 8 lakh devotees visit this temple on the occasion of Janmashtami.

Devotional practices are carried out throughout the day in the temple. The first aarti of the day is at 4:30 in the morning, which is called Mangala Aarti. The evening aarti takes place at 7 pm and the Srimad Bhagavad Gita discourses every night at 8 pm.

Janmashtami in Delhi
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The Rajbhog Aarti takes place at 12:30 in the afternoon. After this you can attend the Aarti at 4.15 pm.

Janmashtami Story

Ugrasena kings ruled in Mathura at the end of Dwapara era. Ugrasen’s son’s name was Kansa. Kansa forced Ugrasena to be jailed by taking him from the throne and became the king himself. Kansa’s sister Devaki’s marriage with Vasudev in the Yadav clan was confirmed. When Kansa was going with the chariot to send Devaki away, Akashvani said, O Kansa! The eighth son of the god whom you are leaving with great love will kill you. On hearing Akashvani, Kansa was filled with anger and agreed to kill Devaki. He thought – there will be neither Devaki nor any son.

Vasudev Ji explained to Kamsa that you have no fear of Devaki. Devaki is afraid of his eighth child. Therefore, I will hand over its eighth child to you. Kansa accepted Vasudev ji and kept Vasudev-Devaki in jail. Immediately Narada ji came there and said to Kamsa how it would be known which eighth womb would be. The count will begin from the first or the last womb. Kansa mercilessly killed all the children born from Devaki’s womb one by one on the advice of Narada.

Janmashtami in Delhi
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Shri Krishna was born in Rohini Nakshatra on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada. As soon as he was born, light spread in the prison cell. In front of Vasudev-Devaki, the God of conch, chakra, mace and padamdhari manifested his form and said, Now I take the form of a child. You immediately bring me to Nanda’s in Gokul and hand over the girl born to him to Kansa. Vasudev ji did the same and handed over the girl to Kamsa.

When Kansa wanted to kill that girl, she got out of Kansa’s hand and flew into the sky and took the form of Goddess and said what is the benefit of killing me? Your enemy has reached Gokul. Kansa was shocked and distraught seeing this scene. Kansa sent many demons to kill Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna killed all the demons with his supernatural maya. When he grew up, Kamsa killed Ugrasena and sat on the throne.

Importance of Janmashtami

  • On this day all the temples of the country are adorned.
  • Shrubs are decorated to commemorate Sri Krishnaavatar.
  • Lord Krishna is adorned and made to swing the swing.

Men and women keep fast till twelve o’clock in the night. At twelve o’clock in the night, the news of Shri Krishna’s birth with the sound of conch and bells echoes in all four directions. Aarti of Lord Krishna is performed and Prasad is distributed.


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