Lodhi Tomb


Lodhi Tomb is located near the India International Center. Just three kilometers from Humayun’s Tomb. It is one of the historical parks of Delhi. The Lodhi Tomb houses the mausoleums of the Saeed and Lodhi rulers. It was built between the 15th and 16th centuries. It was built by the Sayeed and Lodhi rulers. This garden is very well maintained even today. The historical monuments present here are the center of tourist attraction.

Lodhi Gardens in Delhi was redesigned in 1968 by JA Stein and Garrett Ekbu. He took the shape of today. You must visit Muhammad Shah’s tomb at Lodhi Garden. He was the third leader of the Saeed dynasty. Along with this, the tomb of Alexander Lodhi must also be seen.

In the center of the Lodhi Gardens in Delhi are the Bara Dome and the Sheesh Dome, which offer a unique example of the architecture of that period. The Bara Dome has a rubber dome, a three-domed mosque and a residence around its courtyard, where there is a water tank and the Sheesh Dome in front of this Bara Dome. He appears to be the home of an unknown family.


Looking at the history of the Lodhi Gardens, we find that the landscape of this garden first came to light when the tomb of Mohammad Shah, the second ruler of the Sayyid dynasty was built here in 1414 by Alauddin Alam. In the year 1517, the tomb of Alexander Lodhi was built here by his son Ibrahim Lodhi. The last ruler of the Lodhi dynasty was Abraham Lodhi. Akbar, the third emperor of the Mughal dynasty, used this garden as an observatory.

Lodhi Garden
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Basic Information About Lodhi Garden
LocationLodhi Rd, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi
Nearest Metro StationJor Bagh Metro Station
TypePublic Park
OpenAll Days
Timing 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM (Oct-Mar)
5:00 AM - 8:00 PM (Apr-Sep)
Entry FeesFree

Interesting Facts About Lodhi Tomb

  • Before the independence of India, the Lodhi Garden was called the ‘Lady Willingdon Park’.
  • There are a number of tombs inside the premises of the Lodhi garden including the tombs of Sikander Lodi, Bara Gumbad, Shisha Gumbad and also Mohammed Shah.
  • The construction of this garden had supposedly taken place during the 15th or 16th century by the Lodhi rulers during their reign. In the year 1968, the place was modified to give it the present-day look.
  • On a regular morning, you will find locals jogging or running to soak the fresh air in.
  • Many schools and colleges organise historical visits to this garden.

Traveller Tips

  • Delhi is hot mostly all year round. You might want to carry a scarf or a hat in order to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun.
  • Staying comfortable is an absolute must. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes so that you can enjoy the most.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink loads of water if you are visiting during the summer time. Coconut water is also available at various places. You can have that too.
  • Do not litter the place by any means. Plastic wrappers, bottles or bags must not be left behind. It destroys the beauty of the place.
Lodhi Garden
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Best Time To Visit In Lodhi Tomb

Lodhi Tomb is always a pleasure to visit but spring is the best time to visit, full of flowers and songs of birds. And if you can go in the morning then it is hard to leave the place.

How To Reach In Lodhi Tomb

Jor Bagh Metro Station and JLN Metro Station on Violet Line are the nearest to Lodhi Tomb. Alternatively, you can also travel by buses or taxis to reach this destination.