Lotus Temple


If you are planning to visit Delhi, then apart from India Gate and Red Fort, there is another destination which is one of the major attractions of Delhi and that is the Lotus Temple. The Lotus Temple at the Nehru Place in Delhi is a Bahai worship temple, where there is neither an idol nor any form of worship. People come here to experience peace and peace. Due to the shape of this temple built like a lotus, it is called the Lotus Temple. It was built in 1986. This is the reason why it is also called the Taj Mahal of the 20th century.

In Indian traditions, the lotus is seen as an indicator of peace and purity and an incarnation of God. The architecture of the temple was designed by Persian architect Fariborz Sahaba. The Lotus Temple which is located in Delhi is also one of the samples of modern architectural art around the world. It was built by Baha Ullah, the founder of the Bahá’í religion. Therefore this temple is also called Bahai Temple. Despite this, this temple did not remain confined to any one.

People of all religions come here and get the benefit of peace and peace. Its construction cost about $ 10 million. The temple is made of 27 marble petals in half-bloom lotus shape, arranged in 3 circles. The temple is surrounded by 9 doors from all sides and a very large hall is situated in the middle. With a height of 40 meters, this hall can seat around 2500 people simultaneously. According to a 2001 report, it was said to be the most visited place in the world.

Lotus Temple New Temple
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Basic Information About Lotus Temple
LocationNear Kalkaji Temle, East of Nehru Place, New Delhi
Nearest Metro StationKalkaji Metro Station
TypeHouse of Worship
Year of Establishment1986
Closed on Monday
PhotographyPermission Required

Interesting Facts About Lotus Temple, Delhi

  • This Place is originally a Baháʼí House of Worship built for all kinds of faiths and religions.
  • Kamal Mandir was built by around 700 engineers, technicians, workers and artists.
  • It opened for the curious in March 2003.
  • Information center has main auditorium, in which about 400 people can sit together. In addition, there are two smaller auditoriums, which have about 70 seats.
  • There are a total of seven Bahá’í temples worldwide with this temple. The eighth temple is also going to be built soon.
  • This temple is surrounded by ponds and beautiful gardens from all sides as if it appears as if a lotus is swimming in water.
  • The Lotus Temple has about 9 doors.
  • The marble in the lotus temple was brought from Greece, which is known for its beautiful and excellent quality.
  • According to the 2001 CNN report, the most people in the world come to see it here. Meaning, in its name, it is a record that most tourists in the world have come to see it.
Lotus Temple Delhi
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Best time to Visit Lotus Temple, Delhi

In the summer season the temple opens from 9 am to 7 pm and in winter, it is opened from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. No entry fees are charged here.

How to Reach Lotus Temple, Delhi

You can use the metro to reach here. After reaching Kalka Ji metro station from Nehru Place, you can reach here by walking or taking a rickshaw in 5 minutes.