Paharganj Market


Just opposite New Delhi railway station is the entrance of Paharganj market. Most of the shops in the market are wholesale and thus, you can easily find unique items at low cost. You can find many foreign products in this market.

Here you will also find your budget hotels, cheap restaurants and bars. After entering the streets of Paharganj it seems that you have come into a maze. Connaught Place Market is very close from here.

Almost everything of utility is available on the roads, which further focus the attention of the traveler. The entire market in Paharganj is full of shops, jewelery, books, bags, music, shoes, wooden sculptures and handicrafts.

You will find jewelery shops in the market, handmade beaded necklaces and bangles in every shape. Hand-carved wooden goddesses and statues of deities will be seen, brass beads etc. will also be seen.

Paharganj Market
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The best feature about Paharganj is that it is just a short walk from any hotel in New Delhi railway station. Paharganj Market is famous for its shops of clothes, jewelery and shoes. You can also buy cheap handbags and backpacks here. You will also find Delhi’s most luxurious cafes in Paharganj.

It is the best place to buy clothes, music, textiles, books, hookah pipes, handicrafts and more.

Paharganj Market Timing

Paharganj Market is open from Tuesday to Sunday except Monday. Markets are open from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

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How to Reach Paharganj Market in Delhi

You can use the metro to go to Paharganj market, New Delhi metro station is the nearest metro station. After that you can use rickshaw. With which you can easily reach the market. You can also go by Walk, or use an e-rickshaw, if you want, you can also use a cab.