Parks and Gardens


Mughal Garden

Parks and Gardens in Delhi
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The Mughal Garden is present inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan. The Mughal Garden is popular as the “soul” of Rashtrapati Bhavan. The garden covers an area of ​​13 acres.

Inspired by the Mughal Gardens in Jammu and Kashmir, the same attraction has been replicated in Delhi. The garden has a wide variety of flowers that bloom according to the season.

In the Mughal Gardens, you will find rare varieties of species of 159 flowers, including tulips, daffodils, Asiatic lilies, hyacinth, etc.

Best Time to Visit- The Mughal Gardens only open for a short period of time between the months of February and March.

How to Reach- The nearest metro station to the Mughal Gardens is the Central Secretariat Metro Station, which is located on the Yellow Line. The distance of the garden is about 2 kilometers from the metro station. You can use rickshaws or battery powered rickshaws. If you want, you can book a taxi so that you will reach easily. You can use the bus.

Lodhi Garden

Parks and Gardens in Delhi
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The Lodhi Garden houses the graves of Syed ruler Mohammad Shah and Lodhi king Sikandar Lodhi. Lodhi Gardens were built during the Lodhi reign in the 15th century. The Lodhi Garden has a shisha dome and a barn dome within its perimeter.

The lush greenery of the gardens is a favorite spot among tourists and locals. Along with being an architectural site, it has also become a place for morning and evening exercise for the people living nearby.

Best Time to Visit- Lodhi Garden is always a pleasure to visit but spring is the best time to visit, full of flowers and songs of birds. And if you can go in the morning then it is hard to leave the place.

How To Reach- Jor Bagh Metro Station and JLN Metro Station on Violet Line are the nearest to Lodhi Garden. Alternatively, you can also travel by buses or taxis to reach this destination.

Garden of Five Senses

Parks and Gardens in Delhi
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The Garden of Five Senses is located in Saeed-ul-Ajaib in the city of Delhi. This garden is named Garden of Five Senses because it can give a soothing experience to anyone’s five senses.

This garden was inaugurated in 2003 The park has more than 200 attractive and fragrant plants. Designed for the fulfillment of form, color, smell, and sound, this park is a very quiet place which is very popular among couples.

There is a fountain tree in the pond in the middle of the garden, which is quite attractive to see. Apart from this, facilities like a food stall and a restaurant are also available in the garden.

A threater has also been built here where you can enjoy programs such as dancing and singing. This garden is a paradise for botanical lovers.

Best Time to Visit- The best time to visit the Garden of Five Senses is the month of February, as it is the spring season. You will get to see many different flowers in this season. The weather in Delhi is also good during the month of February.

How to Reach- The nearest metro station to the Garden of Five Senses is Saket Metro Station, which is l ocated on the Yellow Line. The distance from the metro to the Garden of Five Senses is about 2.5 kilometers. After reaching the metro station, you can use a battery-powered rickshaw or travel on foot. If you want, you can also book a taxi, from which you will reach Directly Gardens.

Nehru Park

Nehru Park is named after the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. The park is in Chanakyapuri diplomatic enclave. Which is spread over 80 acres of land.

The park is the largest green park in Delhi and is crowded in the morning and evening. Music is organized every evening in this park.

Here you will get to see many programs, in which live concerts are held in full quantity. Apart from this, annual devotional festivities, yoga classes, art programs are also held here. There is also a Shiva temple inside this park.

Best Time to Visit- You can visit the park between August to October or February to April month which will be a very good time. You go to the park in the evening when the weather is a little pleasant.

How to Reach- You can use the metro to go to Nehru Park. The Central Secretariat Metro Station is the Nearest Metro Station. You can also take buses from different places to go to the park, either by using an auto-rickshaw or a taxi.

Central Park

Parks and Gardens in Delhi
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Central Park of Delhi is one of the favorite parks of the people. There is such a crowd here that people do not get a chance to sit. The park is right in front of Connaught Place Market. The park was rebuilt in 2006.

The major attraction of this park is the flag of India which was hoisted as the largest flag of India on 7 March 2014 at a height of 207 meters.

Here you will find beautiful fountains, water bodies, an amphitheater. This amphitheater can seat 350 people simultaneously and can enjoy cultural programs and concerts.

Where is Central Park located- Central Park is located near Connaught Place Market.

How To Reach- You can use the metro for Central Park, which will prove to be quite convenient. Rajiv Chowk metro station is the nearest metro station. You can use the bus, or you can book a taxi.