Places To Eat


When we talk about walking somewhere, there are only two things in our mind, the first famous place and the second famous food. There are many places in India which are quite famous for food and famous places. When we talk about Delhi, one thing you see in Delhi residents is the love of food among the people there.

Delhi is a mixture of traditions and cultures. You will get to see all kinds of people in Delhi, in the same way you will also get many types of delicious food for you to eat. Delhi has restaurants ranging from centuries old restaurants to five star hotels. In Delhi, you can enjoy Indian and international cuisine according to your budget.

Dilli Haat offers a range of Indian cuisine where there are food stalls. Food of various states of India is available here at very low rates. There are many such places in Delhi such as Chandi Chowk‘s Paranthe wali Gali, Bengali Market, Chaat in Sundar Nagar, Bhelpuri in Greater Kailash, Sweets from Ghantavela and Annapurna etc. Tandoori Chicken and Tandoori Roti are also very popular in Delhi. You will find it easily at roadside dhabas.

Famous Food

1. Parantha

Most households in India start with potato parantha in the morning for breakfast, even in school and college lunches, they like to eat paranthas. When Indians travel somewhere, they mainly choose parathas for the tour. In addition to potato parathas, parathas made of cabbage, radish, paneer, and banana, etc. Even parathas are made from leftover lentils.

You can enjoy the paranthas in the paranthe wali gali. Which is located in Chandni Chowk.

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2. Chaat

Chaat is a food that combines the food scene of Delhi with street food. The food on the streets of Delhi tells the history and culture of the place which is unmatched. Obviously, Chandni Chowk is the street food capital of Delhi.

UPSC Bhawan, Shahjahan Road; Bittu Tikki Wala, Karol Bagh; Daulat ki Chaat, Chandni Chowk; Natraj Dahi Bhale Wala, Chandni Chowk You can enjoy chaat at these places.

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3. Butter Chicken

Vegetarian dishes as well as vegetarian dishes are quite popular in Delhi. This dish can be found in almost every non-vegetarian restaurant and highway dhabas and is best enjoyed with rice or naan.

Moti Mahal, Daryaganj; On Havamore, Pandara Road you can enjoy non-veg.

Butter Chicken
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4. Kebabs

In India, spicy meat or fish made with aromatic Indian spices make a distinct identity in the hearts of people. One of these delicious dishes is kebabs which you can get a good experience of in the food stalls and fine dining restaurants across the city. Try this popular dish and you will be shocked forever.

R. K. Puram; Ustad Moinuddin Kebab, Red well; Ghalib Kebab Corner, Nizamuddin; Salim’s Kebab, Khan Market; For your sake, S.D.A. There are many places that are famous for kebabs.

Kebabs Delhi
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5. Chole Bhature

When it comes to Punjabi cuisine, the idea of ​​Chole Bhature comes first. Eating it empty stomach is something else. You will find it in the breakfast menu in the restaurant of Delhi, the capital of India, in which you do not need to be surprised, usually eat with lassi.

Sitaram Dewan Chand, Paharganj; Chachi Di Hatti Kamla Nagar and you can visit Rajouri Garden to enjoy it.

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6. Biryani

A favorite of Mughal emperors, Biryani has stood the test of time and is enjoyed throughout India today. Biryani is famous everywhere, from five-star hotel restaurants to street dhabos. Both the veg and non-veg can enjoy biryani.

Dum Pukht in ITC Maurya; In Al Kakori Al Kausar, RK Puram, Dez Biryani and Kabab, Defense Colony you can enjoy biryani with your family.

Food Biryani
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7. Nihari

When you enter Old Delhi and when you walk in these small streets, you will find a fragrance which is of Nihari. Cooking moss and spicy broth hot tandoori loaves on medium flame. This dish was a favorite dish among the royal gharanas, who used to give it in the morning feast.

You can enjoy Nihari with your family near Karim Jama Masjid.

Food Nihari
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8. Rolls

From the street stalls in Delhi to the restaurants of big hotels, you can enjoy a variety of rolls within which you can enjoy both veg and non-veg rolls. Due to the busy Delhiites, there is an option of a rotating meal.

Nizam, Connaught Place; Khan Chacha, Khan Market; You can enjoy roll at places like Qureshi’s Kebab Corner, South Extension-II etc.

Food egg roll
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9. Momos

In a short time, this dish has become the favorite street food of the people of Delhi. They also include birthdays, parties, and cocktail parties. You will find momos stalls everywhere. There will be no problem in finding you. It is available both vegetarian and non-vegetarian and is eaten with pungent red chutney.

Kamla Nagar Market; You can enjoy it at places like Delhi Haat, Sikkim House, Panchsheel Marg, Chanakya Puri, Majnu Ka Tila, Nagaland Food Stall in North Campus.

Food Momos
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10. Desserts

You must have always heard from the mouth of Indian people that “is there anything sweet to eat?” There is a variety of sweets found in the capital of India, Delhi. Jalebi, Rabri Malai, Faluda to Custard Apple, Tamarind and Mango Papad are quite popular apart from Kulfi, Cake Delicious Moti Chur Laddu, etc. People like it a lot.

Gyani Di Hatti, Chandni Chowk; Old and famous Jalebiwala at Chandni Chowk who has served celebrities like the late Raj Kapoor and Indira Gandhi; Kurmil Mohan Lal Kulfiwala, Chandni Chowk; Big Chill Cafe, Khan Market; Ghantavala confectionery, etc. is quite a popular place for sweets in Delhi.

Dessert Delhi
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